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American Horror Story: Asylum.

Episodes 4/5 I Am Anne Frank

Asylum, the second series of American Horror Story is a definite step up from it's first - Murder House. Set in a dark and grimy asylum in 1964, it's a whole lot edgier and dare i say it scarier.

The horror isn't from ghosts this time (It might be aliens though...time and more episodes will reveal all) it's from the barbaric practices of the asylums staff and inmates. I always find asylums and the idea that once in one of these places the staff can do pretty much anything they want to the inmates in the name of therapy (usually shock therapy) including rape and any amount of crude sexual practices to lobotomy's and other out of date torture procedures all in the name of therapy.

Briarcliff asylum is run by nun, Jessica Lange and surgeon in chief, James Cromwell and visited by a criminally insane psychiatrist, Zachary Quinto. Among the inmates are nymphomaniac, ChloŽ Sevigny (You don't want to know what happens to her at Cromwell's hands) and investigating reporter, Sarah Poulson.

This double header episode see's Franka Potente admitted to the asylum claiming she is Holocaust survivor Anne Frank. Soon she sees Cromwell and identifies him as a Nazi doctor who tortured people at Auschwitz. Cue grotesque aversion therapy techniques and character reveals i won't spoil here.

I wasn't over impressed with American Horror Story's first season but this second one is gripping and horrifying viewing.

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