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Originally Posted by SymbioticFunction View Post
Just ordered the cd/blu-ray combo of Live From Wacken.

Been meaning to pick it up for ages but was waiting for a substantial price drop. 18 pounds (including delivery) is the cheapest that I could find it. Ordered it anyway as I was concerned that the blu-ray option would go out of print.

I won't be seeing AC on his 2017 UK tour dates so this is probably the next best thing. I already know that the dvd or blu-ray omit the covers of Revolution and Foxy Lady (and also The Underture intro track) with quite a blatant edit - anyone know the reason for that??

btw Currently listening to Killer. Classic lp and my favourite album with the original band.
From what I have heard, the producers of the DVD/Blu-Ray were unable to get clearance for either 'Revolution' or 'Foxy Lady' for the release

Strange thing is, they both appear on the CD version (which was released with the DVD/Blu-Ray)

Maybe there are different rules for the use of visual footage and audio footage
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