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Originally Posted by Susan Foreman View Post
From what I have heard, the producers of the DVD/Blu-Ray were unable to get clearance for either 'Revolution' or 'Foxy Lady' for the release

Strange thing is, they both appear on the CD version (which was released with the DVD/Blu-Ray)

Maybe there are different rules for the use of visual footage and audio footage
Yes, it is strange.

Shame really, I would have really liked the full gig in it's entirety (including intro track). Will still enjoy it despite that issue. This will be my 3rd AC blu-ray after Live At Montreux (2005) and Theatre of Death (2009).

I love watching the crystal-clear picture quality of these modern day AC blu-rays on my 50" 1080p television (from 6 feet away), is almost like being in the concert audience.

Haven't picked up the US Good To See You Again bd for two reasons: I've read that it is an upscale and more importantly, don't know if it will play on my region b blu-ray player. Anyone know?

I'm also yet to see the Super Duper documentary, to be honest, found it really tough to get excited about and was annoyed when I heard that Michael Bruce was excluded - is it any good and worth picking up?
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