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Now I've got some shelf \units for some of my films I want to sort them out .
Now and again I'll post some films pics and titles .
Any info and help be appreciated
What I would like to know (researching all your films would take to long )
And its always better to get info of people who know
some films I might not be aware their are sequels or TV shows of the film,
Is the film uncut or not or better versions out there ,
Are other films by the directors worth getting, ill ask that Q? Because we all know if it Argento or cronenberg then answer yes
Just info on the films in general please so I can complete the films
Some directors companies etc I'm trying to get all of , Cronenberg being one of my favs .
Thanks any info and help would be rather appreciated

Some bits and bits I might be aware of others I might not but all info is appreciated .

Its almost 6am and I'm here sorting these out this is how bad my sleeping pattern is .

First batch are what just lying around on the floor

Also I haven't googled directors on these so any info if films are worth or not

I know class of 1984 got sequels but how many ?
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