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Class of 1984 has a vague sequel( i donít think anyone returns)called Class of 1999 but it is more sic-fi because it has a cyborg teachers,itís by the same director as the original though. Seems theres also Class of 1999 2 - the substitute by a different director.

City of lost children i think is great and prefer it over the pairs earlier Delicatessen (which is also good) think the directors were connected to Alien resurrection and Amelie but i lost track of them after that.

Dust devil is great too, there are various versions of this. The director also made Hardware which i really like too, although i donít think he has made any other films after he was fired from the Island of Dr Moreau film with Marlon Brando ( which is a bit shit but entertaining.)

Watchmen Has a longer cut on an american set which i think also incorporates the Tales of The Black Freighter comic (that runs alongside the main story in the Graphic novel) into the film. This comic is available on a uk separate disc.

Dune has a different cut on an american disc that include a introduction that mainly consists of Illustrations and back story to make the story easier to understand for T.V ,i think. ( although i prefer the original film and never had a problem with the story as it was.)
Dune is also fabled to have an original 3 hr version that id Lynchís original cut but i donít think this is available anywhere.

Is that the kind of info you're after Gag?

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