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Originally Posted by Demdike@Cult Labs View Post
Francesca (2015)

Yes i did type that correctly - 2015. Because Francesca is quite obviously an early 70's giallo. The music, the story, the way it's filmed and comes over on screen... Except yes, it was made just a couple of years ago but at no point from start to end would you ever guess so.

The viewer is drawn in immediately, the film is about a series of murders that may have some connection with the disappearance 15 years earlier of a young girl named Francesca. Director Luciano Onetti delivers all the typical giallo traits - the gloved killer, innovative murders, a couple of detectives on the case, copious amounts of J&B porn, yet also delivers his own stylish flourishes. Witness some of the outrageous camera angles and a hell of a way to film the simple delight of a drinking a glass of Scotch. The film is full of striking musical motifs, rich colours and references to The Divine Comedy, as well as traits the killer leaves behind on the victims for the police to find.In short it's a quite stunning audio visual delight.

Francesca isn't a love letter to the giallo genre like say, Amer. Francesca is a giallo. It's the real deal and i can't give it any more praise than that.

Make sure you stick around after the end credits roll for a disturbing delight.
Thanks I saw this advertised early this year and clearly forgot all about it , I have to give it a watch now you reminded me about it .
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