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Originally Posted by Nosferatu@Cult Labs View Post
I meant in relation to the sheer number of films which have had high definition remasters in recent years, now with vastly superior picture and sound quality to their standard definition counterparts.

Whether you want to 'double dip' or upgrade from DVD to Blu-ray on some of your favourite titles is up to you, but taking advantage of new releases from across the board and buying BDs instead of DVDs will benefit you if you have the AV equipment and physically able to see and hear the difference.
Agree, I can understand Joe public not upgrading to blu , but not anyone with a love of films or are cult fans, where you would think people would want the best picture and sound quality and it's not like blu ray players are expensive anymore they can be picked up for next too nothing.

Also a lot of blu rays have lots of extras that aren't on DVD versions .
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