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Anything that didn't get a wide release, sold very few, not available in this country, hasn't had another release anywhere else or has a particular version or extra not on other discs. There also seems a window of time that is advantageous. For example I sold my signed August Underground dvds about 5 years ago for between 70 and 120 each, now they seem to go in the 30-40 range.
Here's a few I've noticed going for silly money over the last few months, there are many more.
Spasms. went for over 90 on EBay recently.
Faccia de Spia. English subtitles. went for 60.
Savage Man, Savage Beast. Thai release, 59
Urutsokidoji, The Perfect Edition, From 70 to 250
The Tokugawa Trilogy, - Shoguns Joy of Torture, Inferno of Torture and Shoguns Sadism. up to 180 for all three with slipcases.
The Mondo Cane Collection. Up to 100

And many more, a whole heap that goes for between 15 -30. There are also a load of BD's commanding high prices too. Just yesterday I saw the Friday the 13th BD tin set advertised for $500....!!!!! whether anyone would pay that though is another matter. Arrow's Nekromantik now sells around the 40-50 quid mark. A DVD or BD is only worth what someone will pay for it and there are a lot of fools out there with more money than sense.
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