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Not really a fan of new "Dr Who". And I hate all the SHOUTING and running, and running while SHOUTING.

This AAAAAGAAGAGAHAHAHAGAGAGGGAAGGGGAAAHHHHH attitude reached farcical levels in this last episode when the simple regeneration process suddenly becomes an explosion in a nuclear firework factory!
This one was so bad it almost blew the ****ing TARDIS apart!! WTF!

I did like the back story reveal on The Master and why he really went nutty. Very clever little plot point after all these decades.

The story was too hard for most kids to follow I think (my 5 year old Daughter, BIG Dalek fan, was lost) and when added to the (nicely done actually) darker aspect of The Doctor being so emotionally worn down by his centuries of flight, loss and battle...means "Dr Who" has really become a teen show today at least.

Can't beat a bit of Pertwee or prime Baker though.
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