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I have this on Blu-Ray. Its not very good to be honest.

I think the only reason to see this is as a lesson of the importance of editors and the editing process.

As the same scenes with extras on it can turn a great film into somewhat tedious.

I actually stopped this 2hrs in as I was bored. I intend to go back and finish it but this was literally about two months ago now.

I will give examples of what I mean. The main good one is when Superman as a baby crash lands in Smallville and the car almost collapses on Johnathan Kent and Superman as a Baby lifts the wagon up. And they look shocked at the fireblaze realising this is an alien here. It then intercuts to Clark many years later being invited to the party.

The longer version has this and then, they all get into the wagon and very slowly drive off. It adds about 30 seconds to the scene but it drags. Then it cuts to Lana doing a full cheerleading routine. And Clark stacking up all the American football gear slowly. Then someone kicking it over and long conversations that drag so much and are tedious.

Its basiclaly like this throughout padding out the 3hrs.

It makes the film long, boring and tedius to sit through.
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