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Originally Posted by Boo Radley View Post
Take Argento, the lizard pinned to the wall, wriggling. Is it Deep Red, I'm just doing this from memory? BBFC had a problem with it anyway, Dario says, "Oh no, that was a prop, not a real lizard, wriggling and gasping, we wouldn't hurt a live lizard." Fine! No problem! Big hairy bollocks is what that is. I refuse to believe they spent how much on an animated lizard for that one brief scene. Hey, maybe I'm wrong.
I'm 99% sure that's a real lizard pinned to the ground in Deep Red. As you say, the Italian films at that time, even those produced by Salvador Argento, didn't a huge budgets and I doubt they had a realistic robotic lizard.

I did alude to the BBFC using flimsy premises to allow animal cruelty, whether it's a director claiming a real lizard is animatronic, an animal's death was quick when the visual evidence suggests otherwise, or something was a hunt/ritual slaughter and they were 'only watching', having no part in its organisation. That said, I'm not aware of any of these applying to the gratuitous suffering in Mountain of the Cannibal God.
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