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"Naturally, we've been following the recent discussions about MOUNTAIN OF THE CANNIBAL GOD. At Shameless, we are proud of presenting you with all the gore and sex you could possibly want but we do refuse gratuitous animal cruelty. We are determined not only to source the best possible materials for the films we publish, but also the closest possible version to the director’s original or the filmmaker’s preferred vision of the film

In the case of ‘Cannibal’ movies, which mostly arrive with a plate-full of prejudices, we needed to find a compromise to these diametrically opposed notions: maxing the gore, not shying from explicitness whilst minimising the vision of animal cruelty (appalling yet unfortunately already committed to celluloid)

In the case of the most famous Cannibal film of them all, Ruggero Deodato made his first and still only unique re-edit of CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST expressly and exclusively for Shameless to tone down the animal cruelty from the film

Similarly, Sergio Martino shares our concern and supports the editing of the work in order not to pander to exploitative and unnecessary violence against animals. Originally, sadly, due to production commercial obligations, it was believed this type of extreme animal cruelty would generate more interest and sales… Martino explains more in the extra on our Blu-ray. We hope you’ll join us in appreciating the wild, weird and gory world of Martino’s MOUNTAIN OF THE CANNIBAL GOD (minus the gratuitous animal cruelty.)…oh and by the way, THAT pig scene is still definitely in there! "
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