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The 20 best British horror/exploitation;
First 3 only in order

"The Wicker Man"

"Witchfinder General"

"Blood on Satan's Claw"

"Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell"

"Peeping Tom"

"Twins of Evil"

"Curse of Frankenstein"

"Vampire Lovers"

"Satanic Rites of Dracula"

"Dog Soldiers"

"The Descent"

"Theatre of Blood"

"Tower of Evil"

"Island of Terror"

"Hands of the Ripper"


"Shaun of the Dead"

"The Devils"


"Death Line"

Most overrated?
Hammer's "Dracula".
Groundbreaking once for sure with a (for then) nicely erotic/fangy Drac and a nice twist on Van Helsing by a top form Cushing.

Mostly drab now though as a film in its own right, with a stupid self-inflicted plot hole and other weak, silly changes and an overall awful adaptation of Stoker's novel.
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