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To The Devil A Daughter (1976, Peter Sykes)
I put my hands up here and say I do not rate Wheatley at all. His prose is stuffy and riddled with snobbery imho. Having said that the cherubic glee that Lee exudes during a birthing sequence lifted this viewing. Beautiful plumage squire! See you can polish a turd .
A populist debunker of current occultist trends is sweatily tasked by Denholm Elliot (at his fidgety best here ) with rescuing his estranged child from a right bleedin' bunch of cults and no mistaking!
Part paid with deutschmarks, the film is saddled with the albatross that is Natassia Kinski. Christus she is terrible. . And that ending killed Hammer stone dead in my opinion. But it was nice to see an actual human on fire as well. So ... you win some .....
....the only way to change things / is to shoot the men who arrange things ..."

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