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Originally Posted by Nosferatu@Cult Labs View Post
I finished watching the third of three series on iPlayer which I had been wanting to watch since the beginning of the month, if not before: Bodyguard

Given this series was dubbed "the show everyone is talking about" in several publications, I managed to miss any spoilers for the latest series by Jed Mercurio, one which began with an incredibly tense sequence on a train and, following the titular personal protection officer, managed to weave a gripping web which I hope is fully resolved in a second season.
I thought i might buy Bodyguard. I think it's only 13 on dvd which isn't bad. Like you i know nothing about it.

There's a new Le Carre adaptation starting this Sunday - The Little Drummer Girl. Think i'll watch it live. Should be a good evenings entertainment - Doctor Who, a forty minute break then a good drama.
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