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Originally Posted by Justin101 View Post
Just noticed Ozzy is doing a tour in Feb called 'No More Tours 2' and I thought, oh yeah, may as well give it a go...

Tickets are 77.15 in Manchester Arena... No thanks
To put that in context, Nightwish at the Arena last week, they were charging around 30 a ticket!
Tbh I think over 50 for anyone is a piss take, def leppard where 38 which is about a perfect price to see a band, but let's not forget cost of getting there money you spend on food and drink and anything else like merchandise, in the end the cost can mount to over a 100 that's a lot really just to go and see someone, places like MEN arena hold around 20 thousand people even if people paid 25 each that half a million , yes I'm aware staff to pay and the group to pay the roadies who work with the band , but then there money from the merchandise which the band get is also getting pricey, 25 a T-shirt I've resorted to buying ones the people sell outside the venue for a 10 and in some cases the designs etc are better than some of the official t-shirts, or in some cases original designs from the old official merchandise, but point is surely half a million pound in one night just from the ticket sale is enough to pay for everything considering some venue like MEN arena have 4/5 days of the week of things going on the venue , and all this doesn't include food and rink which the venue sell , i refuse to buy anything anymore in these places a beer alone cost around 6, only thing i do buy was a hot chocolate which cost me 2:60 , as usual everything mounts to just greed, that's why I prefer to go see other bands at smaller venues at least everything a tadge more affordable the bigger the venue the higher the cost .
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