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The Cold Blooded Beast.

An insane maniac wearing a black hood and cape stalks the residents of a loony bin in the country and goes on a killing spree with medievil weapons which he hilariously finds casually laying about.

This is a giallo directed by Fernando Di Leo, a chap more known for his crime films. and is more like a soft porn film to be honest with the ocassional gory death thrown in. with all the women inmates being rich and beautiful who wear very revealing outfits, when they do actually wear outfits that is. and even the resident nurse who is a nympho rug muncher constantly getting it on with the patients as well.

Interesting cast though, with the highlight being the gorgeous Rosalba neri as a nymphomaniac shagging anything that moves, even the randy gardener in the greenhouse. and klaus Kinski as the psychiatrist who looks creepier than any of his patients.

definitely not the greatest giallo ever made. but as usual it has that Italian charm and music that elevates these things into a pretty decent watch. So will rate it 75 out of 100.
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