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Man From Deep River.

John bradley(Ivan rassimov) is on holiday in thailand and accidently kills a chap in a bar who pulls a knife on him. so afterwards he buggers off down the river with his guide and ends up getting netted by a tribe of savages who think he is a fishman because he is wearing a wet suit with flippers. after a bit of torture and being a slave he eventually starts to get accepted by the tribe and falls for the chiefs foxy daughter Maraya( Me Me Lai).

The film that started the cannibal trend, although there is actually very little cannibalism at all in this movie apart from the main scene were a woman gets raped by a cannibal tribe and eaten afterwards. and is in fact more of a mix of adventure and romance with elements of A Man Called Horse as well.

Umberto lenzi does a superb job as well, with a great story and colourful locations and is a brilliant director who's films always keep you entertained.

Acting is also very good too with Ivan Rassimov who gives one of the best performances of his career despite the blond dye job and Me Me Lai who has great chemistry with him. Just a shame that their romance in the film is sadly cut short after Ivan pisses off the local witch doctor.

definitely one of my favourite romps in the jungle, even if it still does have a lot of the unnessasary animal cruelty including cock fighting, snake and mongoose, crocodile and goat throat slitting. 88 out of 100.
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