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Eaten alive.

Sheila(the lovely Janet agren from city of The Living Dead) is searching for her missing sister, and discovers that she has been brainwashed by a religious nutjob called Jonas( old favourite Ivan Rassimov) and is living in the jungle. and pays a ex veitnam vet to help her.

Out of director Umberto lenzi's cannibal films i have to say that i found this one his weakest. it's not that it's a terrible film as it is a lot of fun and entertaining. The problem i have with it is that loads of footage in it is recycled from his previous better film Man from Deep River and other cannibal films as well. and this is a shame because it has a lot of interesting ideas and a good story.
nevertheless there's still a fair bit of gore and nudity that hasen't been recycled including miss Agren getting painted gold and defiled by Ivan Rassimov with a large dildo covered in snake blood . a woman raped doggy style and eaten by the cannibals with a hilarious scene of them devouring her plastic leg . and not to mention the return of Me Me Lai in a lesser role were she gets to constantly walk around topless with rather unaturally looking perky boobs and having a gangbang.
However, as with almost all of these films it still has loads of the usual animal cruelty as well, but most of that is even recycled too.

Definitely worth a watch though. and with a great score that lenzi also used in his most famous cannibal classic, Cannibal Ferox. 74 out of 100.
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