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Always loved "The Young ones", it's still one of my all time favourite comedies, so many great lines and so bizarre as well with dancing vegetables and talking matchboxes.

Also reminds me so much of when i first moved out home as there were me and three mates living in a run down house with a coal fire ( hole in the bath/ old twin tub washing machine that we had to use outside because it leaked), us being arty types and into all sorts of music (metal/punk/grunge/psychedelic).

With a very dodgy landlord who kept turning up randomly with scams to make money (saying we were having cooked breakfast everyday to try and get more benefit,) -actually happened a couple of times so we weren't complaining.
He once left a milk float in the drive of the house for ages and my mate sold it for scrap.

It was a pretty rough time but was also very funny and enjoyable time as well.
MIKE: I've got it! Peter Cushing! We've got to drive a stake through his heart!
VYVYAN: Great! I'll get the car!
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