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Default Killer Animal Movies!

Hi everyone,

I couldn't seem to find a thread about killer animal movies (I'm sure there is one somewhere).

Anywho, what are some of the greatest Animal Attack movies of all time? Sure, there's the classics like Jaws and Piranha that most people will know of, but what are some of the best (or worst!) movies?

To get the ball rolling, the other day I managed to watch Shakma. An obscure gem - a slasher movie... with a killer baboon! It was great fun and one to watch if you're lucky enough to find a DVD of it. Great kills, one crazy ass ape and quiet a few stars (Roddy McDowell and Tina from Nightmare On Elm Street).

Love the trailer too - the voiceover guy lets it all out in the end...

Anyone else seen this one?

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