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There's dozens of the ****ers!

Scream's Blu Ray of OF UNKNOWN ORIGIN is superb.Highly recommended!
As is their DEADLY EYES,PIRANHA II and SQUIRM discs.

ROTTWEILLER hasn't been seen (To my knowledge) since it was released on tape by Thorn Emi on tape back in the '80's.

RAZORBACK has a cracking release in Oz from Umbrella,let down by hideous cover artwork.

THE PACK directed by Deadly Eyes' and Enter The Dragons' Robert Clouse is a very entertaining mutts on the rampage flick.Far more enjoyable in fact than the Burt Brinckerhoff directed DOGS.

Teddy, I'm a Scotch drinker - you know that. I just have the occasional brandy when I'm not drinking.
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