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Made in Britain (1982)

Never seen this before, holy crap Tim Roth was good!! After watching this, last week's viewing of the Austrian 'The Inheritors' seems a lot more fluffy! Violent, confrontational, angry, scary! That one scene in the locked room with the superintendent was a tour-de-force in acting.

Electric Boogaloo: The Wild, Untold Story of Cannon Films (2014)

You can't help but get caught up with the fun and excitement in this movie. Lest we forget that most of the films are not very good, but damn were they entertaining! I still NEED to watch 'The Apple'

Sorority Row (2009)

Allegedly a remake of The House on Sorority Row but the story is only vaguely similar. In this version, 6 hot girls play a prank on the brother of one of them who cheated on his sorority girlfriend, the prank goes fatally wrong and the girls (and boy) need to cover their tracks and get on with their lives. Flash-forward to the end of the school year and all the girls get a text message from the dead girl...

Some great set-piece kills and pretty gory effects follow for the next 60 minutes or so until a convoluted 'solution' to the mystery is presented which ruined the fun a bit, but still, I enjoyed this one, worth a go!

Breakin' (1984)

Thank you Cannon (see above)!
Hah, how awesome is this film, the story is crap, the acting is crap, the person recording the sound was a bit crap, BUT, how fun is this film First time viewing for me but I loved it, great dance scenes, great old-school electro soundtrack, Ice-T MCing in the club! WTF was that ending though (spoiler) no-way Ozone and Turbo would star in a Theatre (capital T) production called Jazz Street NO... WAY...


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