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Originally Posted by Demdike@Cult Labs View Post
Probably the best of the series. It stood out as very melancholy (for a Simpsons episode). It also felt a bit rushed.
I can remember how, but it was known a relatively minor character was going to die in that episode, was a lot of speculation about who it might be. Because the episode title wasn't public, which gives a major clue as to who it was, I guessed either Patty or Selma. Other people speculated Helen Lovejoy, Gil, and even Smithers and/or Mr Burns was going to be killed off.

It was only recently I read the part of the reason it was Maude Flanders was because Maggie Roswell commuted from Denver to Los Angeles to record her lines and wanted travel expenses! The only reason the character has appeared in flashback is because there's been a reconciliation between the makers and Roswell so she can record her lines from home.

Recently, I finished watching all the episodes in the "Buffyverse", going through them in complete order, starting with the first season of Buffy and then alternating between episodes of Buffy and Angel and then finishing with the fifth and final season of Angel. It was something I really enjoy doing and will probably do again when I have made a significant event in my watchlist.

I also watched Whoops Apocalypse (and the film) this weekend. It's not the most accomplished TV show ever made, but with a working knowledge of 1980s global politics, the backdrop of Thatcher and Reagan, plus the Falklands War, it works as a daft satire. I don't think it has the brilliance of a show like Yes Minister or, more recently, The Thick of It, but it's an entertaining 2 1/2 hours.

I'm now about two thirds of the way through the last season of Mad Men, which I think is a great show. I had considered watching the entire series from beginning to end but thought I'd be okay going straight in at the final season because I've seen the other seasons several times. In hindsight, this is probably a mistake and I should have started with the first season so everything which has previously happened was fresh in my mind, giving the events much more impact.
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