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Pimps dealers gangsters crooked cops and congressmen rule the streets. What do you do when the people you trust to protect you have sided with the enemy to line their own pockets with the green of the criminal underworld. For one worn out nurse sick of what she sees everyday in her hospital and her own sister has fallen prey to the drug pushers she has had enough and takes the law into her own hands.

Nurse Coffy Coffin ain't your average lady she's as hard as nails and she ain't taking no more shit from anyone male or female you better watch yo backs suckas.

Fantastic blaxploitation with the beautiful Pam Grier as slick and no nonsense as ever. Everything I love about Blaxploitation is here in spades beautiful woman violence the crazy fashion of the pimps and colours in the night clubs so loud and vibrant but the gritty feeling is there it's not all fun and games there are plenty of serious issues been dealt with here corruption racism social unequally the serious drug issues that affected the black community even to this day when cops and the C.I.A flooded the streets to make money from the drug war.


Boobs a plenty if your into that sort of thing 😉
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