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So Sweet So Dead.

A chap in the classic giallo outfit of black mack, hat and gloves is on the rampage stabbing slutty housewives to death who have been unfaithful to their husbands and leaving photographic evidense of their cheating next to the corpses. And farley Granger is the Inspector who is trying to stop the killers murder spree.

From director Roberto bianchi this is a pretty decent giallo effort. okay, not up there with the stylish Argento and Fulci's, but still a very entertaining film that moves along nicely with hot babes and great kills, including a suspenseful sequence on the beach.
Foxy Nieves Navarro aka susan Scott also has a small part too before falling victim to the killers knife. and that weird blond chap with the long hair from death Walks in High Heels, who plays a creepy morgue attendant who has a weird fetish for dead bodies.

definately well worth a watch for giallo fans 74 out of 100.
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