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Originally Posted by MrBarlow View Post
A work colleague asked me to leave him a few horror movies to watch during the night I asked him what he wanted, he said surprise me, left him some and The Human Centipede, woke up to a very abusive funny text message the next day.
I think the storyline sounds worse than the actual film , the 2nd I can understand and 3rd well less said the better I thought it was dire and a embarrassing to watch .
Only film I've ever had a problem with is one of the original Guinea pig film I lent a work mate on vhs he called me a sick basta£d etc he was like charlie sheen convinced it was real , I just said well don't ask me for owt extreme again , he never even asked me for a film again everyone else was fine with my stuff , when I was young my mum didn't mind watching some of the films with me but when she once borrowed I spit on your grave and put it on at that time I wasn't 100 % fully aware of the content of it and don't think she was either but let it play and didn't switch it off, i felt uncomfortable tho I was around 15 .
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