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From the sublime...

Iron Maiden cover 'My Generation' as a 'b' side to the 'Lord Of The Flies' single. Vocalist here is Blaze Bailey, and his voice fits the song. I can't see Bruce being able to do this as good as it is here. Musically, it's very punky and different to the usual 'twin guitar, galloping bass' sound they usually have

Patti Smith comes up with 're-imagined' lyrics from the album 'Horses'. Musically it's very sloppy, but it embraces the punk enthics perfectly the ridiculous

Hillary Duff's take on the song is awful. It's so polite it could be played on a Sunday afternoon at a vicars tea party. The famous stutter is gone, and the most famous lyric has been hideously altered. 'Hope I don't die before I get old'! Indeed!!

Lone Star come up with a Spanish version entitled 'Nuestra Generacion' which isn't bad. Released in 1966 it was one of the first covers of the song, and benefits from the authentic 1960's sound, but at the end of the day, it's nothing more than a curio

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