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May 25th, 1969

The concert with Led Zeppelin opening for The Who was a bit of a disaster. Zeppelin hogged the stage and their set over-ran. Because of that, and the fact that there was a 12o'clock midnight curfew, The Who, who were premiering 'Tommy', had to cut quite a lot out of their set

Townshend was certainly not in a good mood. Before they started 'Tommy', he said, with heavy sarcasm aimed at Zeppelin: "We've got a lot of time tonight so we'd like to play the majority of our latest album. It is a Rock Opera which is on release at the moment. A departure from normal. Not as much of a departure for you as for us. It's called Tommy."

At the end of their set, when the crowd kept pleading for more, Pete had another dig at Zeppelin, saying: "I have to go to men's room. It's been a good evening. We're gonna finish off tonight with a song which kinda works better on stage than on record. Before we go we want to give you another remind of what Led Zeppelin did to you this evening. Sorry about me spattering and spitting all over the place, but...anyway, this was not meant to insult anybody. This is Magic Bus."
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