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Originally Posted by Susan Foreman View Post
Doctor Who over the years: Episode quotes

Resurrection Of The Daleks Part 2
Davros: Who are you?
Lytton: Commander Lytton.
Davros: Commander? My Daleks do not need troops.
Lytton: You'd still be in prison or dead if it weren't for my men.
Davros: You speak as though my Daleks are no longer capable of war.
Lytton: A lot has happened during your imprisonment.
Davros: The war with the Movellans is over?
Lytton: Yes, although casualties were very high.
Davros: It is to be expected.
Lytton: I'm talking about Dalek casualties.
Davros: Dalek casualties?
Lytton: They lost, Davros. They were totally defeated.
This scene definitely showcases Terry Molloy's fantastic performance as Davros. Everyone says how great Michael Wisher was and indeed he was but i think Molloy was just as good. The way he turns from complete confidence in the Dalek victory to almost gagging and gasping for breath as he splutters out the words 'Dalek casualties?' before regaining his calmness again is quite brilliant.
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