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Doctor Who over the years: Episode quotes
Planet Of Fire Part 1
Peri: Do you really think we've left Earth?
Kamelion/Howard: The Tardis is mine.
Peri: Sorry?
Kamelion/Howard: The Tardis is mine.
Peri: What are you doing, Howard? Don't touch that!
(Foster closes the doors.)
Kamelion/Howard: I have succeeded. Contact has been made.
(Peri screams, Howard laughs, then transforms into the Master.)
Peri: Who are you?
Kamelion/Master: I am the Master, and you will obey me.
Planet Of Fire Part 2
Peri: Where could they have gone?
Kamelion/Master: My dear Peri. How positively evanescent you've become. In fact your disappearance has given me a great deal of trouble.
Peri: You keep away from me.
Kamelion/Master: You've removed a component from the Doctor's Tardis. Return it to me instantly.
(Peri tries to run, but they are at the edge of a sheer drop. She holds the comparator out over the void.)
Peri: One step nearer and you'll never get this back.
Kamelion/Master: If you damage that comparator, the Doctor's Tardis is useless.
Peri: So keep your distance or I drop it.
Kamelion/Master: Give me that component immediately!
Peri: This thing belongs to the Doctor, so it's the Doctor I give it to and no one else.
Kamelion/Master: You will obey me.
Peri: No.
Kamelion/Master: I am the Master!
Peri: So what? I'm Perpugilliam Brown and I can shout just as loud as you can.
Kamelion/Master: Peri, be reasonable. Without the comparator, you will never return to Earth. Do you wish to stand here till the planet's destroyed? Well? Answer!
Peri: Kamelion! Where are you, Kamelion? Come on, show me your real self. Come on!
Kamelion/Master: No.
Peri: Yes, Kamelion, your real self. Come on. If you can't manage that, show me Howard, please!
Planet of Fire Part 3
Turlough: Sorry, Doctor. There was nowhere else I could bring them.
The Doctor: Welcome, gentlemen.
Turlough: This is the Doctor. He's not an enemy of Logar, but an elder from the city of Gallifrey.
The Doctor: Do any of you recognise this?
(The Doctor puts the image of the silver-suited person on another console monitor. Timanov and the elders kneel.)
Timanov: Logar.
Turlough: You see? He appears at the Doctor's command.
Timanov: Why doesn't he strike down the heretics?
Turlough: Logar is the friend of all people, whether they believe in him or not. He's only angry when the citizens fight amongst themselves. (sotto) It's a man in a thermal suit.
The Doctor: Hmm. Must be some sort of control centre inside the volcano. Timanov, have you actually ever seen Logar?
Timanov: Yes, once, when I was a boy.
The Doctor: Where?
Timanov: It was the summit of the fire mountain. The fire god spoke to me, encouraged me to inhale the gases. I felt intoxicated, invigorated. I felt reborn.
Amyand: You were drunk.
Timanov: When I returned from the mountain, my body and my mind felt stronger and fitter.
The Doctor: I wonder if that's what the Master wants. To be born again.
Planet Of Fire Part 4
Captain: We must hurry.
Turlough: Am I under arrest?
Captain: Do you wish to be?
Turlough: I thought
Captain: Things have changed on Trion. Former political prisoners are no longer persecuted. You're welcome to return. (The Tardis materialises.) Or not, as you please.
Malkon: Turlough.
Captain: We'd best be gone.
Turlough: You go. Go on, please. (Malkon leaves, followed by Amyand. The Doctor and Peri come out.) My exile has been rescinded.
The Doctor: I'm pleased for you.
Turlough: Doctor, I
The Doctor: I shall miss you.
Turlough: I don't want to go, Doctor. I've learnt a lot from you. But I have to go back to Trion. It's my home.
The Doctor: Better to go back while you're a bit of a hero, eh?
(They shake hands.)
Turlough: Thank you for everything, Doctor. Look after him, won't you? He gets into the most terrible trouble.
Peri: Well, I
(Turlough leaves with the Captain.)
The Doctor: Well, I should get you home.
Peri: Oh, must you?
The Doctor: Oh, yes. Your friends will be worried.
Peri: It's funny, but just before I met you I was saying I wanted to travel, and I've still got three months of my vacation left.
The Doctor: And you want to travel with me.
Peri: Is that an invitation?
The Doctor: Actually, it was a question.
Peri: May I?
The Doctor: Three months, you say?
Peri: That's right.
The Doctor: All right. Why not. (The Tardis jerks and they grab the console.) Welcome aboard, Peri.
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