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Counter punch follows three young up and coming boxers one is just turning professional one guy is trying to keep his unbeaten record clean and the last guy is an amateur who doesn't dream of money he dreams of Olympic Gold and thats all he cares about. Each guy has their trials and tribulations be it greed ego or the unfair treatment in the amateur circuit and the hoops you are expected to jump through to get a shot at the Olympics.

Back in the old days guys would die to represent their country in the Olympic and then go on to be professional champions. But there is no money to be made in the Olympics so getting your brand out there is more important. The glory days of Boxing are sadly gone and its likely they will never return.

I used to love boxing growing up it was all about honour pride and winning that belt the chance to be the worlds number 1 be the most feared man on the planet in your weight class. So many greats have entered the ring and put their bodies on the line but that was then and this is now its about followers on social media and making the quick buck a lot of the hunger is gone and the characters are gone its all safe generic personalities.

The danger has left the building.
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