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The Hand Of Fear

"Eldrad Must Live!!"
As I sat in my striped dungarees watching this end of an era, I felt something sharp ... it turned out to be a loverly blue ring. I'll try it on when I finish this review
Ahem. Sarah Jane leaves in a huff. Stephen Thorne returns! (don't blink now ). When our trusted twosome land in an explosive situation (literally), the aftermath brings us a new villain (eventually) in the shapely shape of Judith Paris. This be Eldrad. Bent on devastation yadda yadda. Forcing The Doctor to return her to her home planet, where the reception is less than warm .
Which leads to SJS leaving. How fickle! Luckily the Time Lords have been fiddling with the horizontal signal, which saves his blushes.

Now where's that ring??

"... the days ahead will be filled with struggle ... and coated in marzipan ... "
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