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Default Found it!

Oooh. A Naschy thready

The Werewolf & The Yeti (1975)

Oooh. A Naschy reviewy (GET ON WITH IT). To say that if you want to be depraved by this, stick with Naked Attraction . Snowbound shenanigans as two highly sexed monsters try and outdo each other in the pervy stakes . The violent colour scheme assaults the retina. Highly Recommended.

The Hunchback Of The Morgue (1973)

Notorious for cough many reasons, this crazed cavalcade of claret coated corpses is also littered with Franco alumni, which just adds to the insanity. Uncut as far as I could see ahem.
That tartan waistcoat though

"I'll be back for you, my darling, right after I get that devil bastard!!"
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