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I finally got around to watching this last night, and it was only the run time that delayed it, because frankly finding 153 minutes to watch a film can be difficult.

I liked it, I decided that when I watched it I would not think about the original while I did, and apart from the names and a couple of plot beats itís not trying to be a traditional Ďremakeí at all.

Those who gave up part way in must have gone in with Ďgo on impress meí mindset and itís not that kind of film at all. Itís slow and meandering and if you go along with it itís like an incantation that weíre all involved in. All of which builds up to a climax that Iím afraid ruined it a bit for me, I saw what they were trying to achieve but the reliance on CGI blood was distracting and ultimately disappointing.

Contrary to opinions above I loved the slow build, the acting, the dancing, the cinematography and the soundtrack!

Itís not perfect, itís not as good as Argentoís but itís not shit either! Worth a watch.

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