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Scream and Scream Again(1970)

A chap is out jogging and collapses and wakes up in hospital and slowly has his body parts removed one by one. And meanwhile, a maniac with super human strength is on the rampage picking up women in clubs and draining their blood like a vampire. and in some unknown country, a bunch of Nazi type chaps are trying to take over the world, or something.

From Amicus, this is one of their lesser efforts, in my opinion. It is all over the place going from one thing to the other and doesn't really kind of make any sense until the end.

One of the most annoying things about it though is the top billing of Christopher Lee, Peter cushing, and Vincent Price. None of them are hardly in it at all. peter Cushing has a blink and you miss it part before he abruptly gets killed off and christopher lee is virtually non existant as well. only price has a bigger role as an insane scientist, but even he only really comes into it properly towards the end.

The film does have a weird type of charm. but overall, apart from a couple of decent scenes and a great car chase, i found it rather dull and a complete waste of the talents of the three horror heavy weights. And even the gorgeous Yutte Stensgaard is criminally underused as well.
60 out of 100.
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