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Originally Posted by Medical Kestrel View Post
Yeah, saw it some years ago at a screening as part of a Fantastic Films Weekend at the Media Museum in Bradford. It's an exploitation 'documentary'- i.e the whole thing looks laughably staged and there's a lot of nudity. Funny and kitsch but it's not the kind of thing I'd race to buy on blu-ray. There's a good write up of it in a recent book- "The Bodies Beneath"- by the people behind the BFI Flipside.
Thanks. I have The Bodies Beneath and have now read it. Together with the extras it sounds worth getting.

Here's the proper cover art. (To be honest i preferred the TBC version )

Presented in High Definition and Standard Definition
Worldwide Blu-ray debut including the longest cut of Legend of the Witches ever released
Newly recorded commentary on Secret Rites by Flipside founders Vic Pratt and William Fowler
Newly commissioned sleeve art by acclaimed illustrator Graham Humphreys
The Witch’s Fiddle (1924, 7 mins): possibly the first student film ever made, this tale of a magical instrument was shot by the newly formed Cambridge University Kinema Club
Out of Step: Witchcraft (1957, 14 mins): investigative journalist and charismatic Soho bon vivant Dan Farson presents this polite yet probing, nuanced TV documentary about witchcraft
The Judgement of Albion (1968, 26 mins): bold, poetic images populate this ode to resistance by the writer of Blood on Satan’s Claw, Robert Wynne Simmons
Getting it Straight in Notting Hill Gate (1970, 25 mins): short but spectacular time-capsule counter-culture documentary was designed to redress negative perceptions of Notting Hill in 1970
Image gallery
**FIRST PRESSING ONLY** fully illustrated booklet with essays by Christina Harrington, publisher and expert on the occult Mark Pilkington, and authors of The Bodies Beneath, Vic Pratt and William Fowler. Includes full film credits.
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