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Originally Posted by Susan Foreman View Post
[I]"Mötley Crüe have announced a 30th anniversary reissue of their fifth studio album 'Dr. Feelgood'.

Available to buy on 29th November via Mötley Records, the standard CD and LP editions include the original 11-track album alongside embryonic demos of ‘Kickstart My Heart’, ‘Without You’ and the title track ‘Dr. Feelgood’.
So this has less bonus material than the last reissue.

That had those tracks listed above plus a demo of Time for Change and unreleased track Get it for Free.

Weirdly i was listening to this album yesterday, demos and all. I have to say that the demos are like different songs altogether. Both the music and lyrics differ dramatically in some places, especially the lyrics.

Most demo bonus tracks sound like lo-fi versions of the originals but not these.

Check out Dr. Feelgood. The lyrics are totally different and the chorus is mainly female vocals.

Here's the original.

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