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Released 7th October 2019
Acclaimed action superstar Jean-Claude Van Damme directs and stars in The Quest (1996), an exotic odyssey that takes him from the slums of 1920s New York to the mysterious Lost City of Tibet.

Christopher Dubois (Van Damme) is a street criminal on the run from the police, thrust into a forbidding realm of gun smugglers, pirates and an ancient, underworld martial arts competition. The legendary contest, known as the Ghan-gheng, pits the world’s deadliest fighters against each other in a furious winner-takes-all battle. Forced to compete, Dubois faces the ultimate test of manhood where one wrong move could cost him not only the competition, but his life.


NEW: ‘Roger and Me’: Actor Jack McGee on filming the Quest and working with Roger Moore
NEW: ‘The Scottish Fighter’: An interview with actor Mike Lambert
NEW: Audio commentary with martial arts cinema experts Mike Leeder and Arne Venema
A film which really grew on me. Never could figure out why it was rated 18 in the uk & PG-13 in america though.
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