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Originally Posted by Inspector Abberline View Post
RAbid. / Cannibal Apocalypse.
Cronenberg's tale of porno actress Marilyn Chambers as Rose, who gets involved in a motorcycle crash but luckily is whisked away to a local medical clinic who specialize in skin grafts and face lifts. Here we come across a whole range of rather strange patients, who should have been refereed to some sort of psychiatric hospital, before they ever thought about cosmetic surgery.. Unfortunately for Rose ,while they manage to save her life, them mad scientists/doctors, have also managed to give her a parasitic creature that lives in her armpit and causes Rose to stab people with it,when she gets a hankering for some blood, And just to make matters worse, her victims are then transformed into rabid like killers, frothing at the mouth like they had just chewed on a bar of soap...Its all pretty grim stuff, from Santa getting machined gunned down in a shopping mall, to bodies being dumped into garbage trucks and construction workers with nothing better to do than attack people with pneumatic drills, Cronenberg's early films are bleak and bizarre but also compelling viewing, with none of the slickness he acquired with his later work, everything is grim and bleak, and sex either gets you killed or mad, or both...
Then just for a change of pace, I went for Cannibal Apocalypse, a tale of people biting other people who then cause the victims to go a bit rabid, and then attack other people, who then go mad and attack other people, well you get the drift. John Saxon does his best to look like he is vaguely interested in a plot so full of holes it looks like Giovanni Lambardo Radice stomach at the end of the film.Still you do not watch an Italian cannibal movie for its neo realism or its coherent story line, which is a good job really because there isn't any...I recently saw a documentary where they mentioned that rabies was a big thing in the 1970s, like Panda Pops and space hoppers presumably, which is why we had a glut of people frothing at the mouth chasing people, although nowhere does it mention an outbreak of cannibalism, well not in any Public Information film I ever saw anyway. Thankfully no indigenous ethnic groups of South America were exposed to a bunch of Italians yelling at them this time because it's all set in the good old US of A,or at lest a simile of any rate, and while I do luv this silly gut muncher I do feel sorry for the likes of John Saxon, who surely should have been destined for better things than running around a sewer with Giovanni Lambardo Radice, while trying not to step on rat's,

Review there by the way Ron

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