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Default Is it Worth Buying? - Music Edition.

T-Rex are a band i've never really discovered. Sure, everyone's heard the likes of Children of the Revolution (Excellent song) but one or two others aside they are a mystery.

Is this album T-Rex - Gold, worth picking up as a best of / overview of their career?

1-1 Debora
1-2 One Inch Rock
1-3 King Of The Rumbling Spires
1-4 By The Light Of A Magical Moon
1-5 Ride A White Swan
1-6 Hot Love
1-7 Get It On
1-8 Cosmic Dancer
1-9 Life's A Gas
1-10 Jeepster
1-11 Is It Love?
1-12 The King Of The Mountain Cometh
1-13 Woodland Rock
1-14 There Was A Time / Raw Ramp / Electric Boogie
1-15 Lean Woman Blues

2-1 Telegram Sam
2-2 Metal Guru
2-3 Children Of The Revolution
2-4 Solid Gold Easy Action
2-5 20th Century Boy
2-6 The Groover
2-7 Truck In (Tyke)
2-8 Teenage Dream
2-9 Light Of Love
2-10 New York City
2-11 Dreamy Lady
2-12 London Boys
2-13 I Love To Boogie
2-14 The Soul Of My Suit
2-15 Celebrate Summer

3-1 Born To Boogie
3-2 Cadilac
3-3 Thunderwing
3-4 The Slider
3-5 Life Is Strange
3-6 Venus Loon
3-7 Till Dawn
3-8 Zip Gun Boogie
3-9 Solid Baby
3-10 Chrome Sitar
3-11 Laser Love
3-12 All Alone
3-13 Life's An Elevator
3-14 Crimson Moon
3-15 Dandy In The Underworld

It's only a fiver in Sainsburys so might just get it if you guys feel it's a good retrospective.
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