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Originally Posted by gag View Post
I'm so out of touch with music these days that last 5 or so groups bands etc, apart from Rick Astley I'm looking at them and thinking who .
I think there's one or two reasons behind losing touch, gag.

I've lost touch with a lot of genres i used to like such as alt-country and female fronted country music. The lack of general music mags is one reason as is the lack of a regular music show on terrestrial tv.

Despite the internet providing all the info on bands you could ever wish for it's also very insular unless you go looking. And going looking is easier said than done without the stimuli to do it.

Being a hard rock fan i still buy the mags such as Classic Rock and visit news sites such as Blabbermouth but that's it. I just get the news they give me about the bands they want me to read about / hear.

Things such as Spotify are exactly the same you hear what they want you to hear that's why the same acts are top of the singles charts for months on end - because you are force fed them.

So for all the good things the internet has brought to daily life and it being so big it's actually created a much smaller environment for things like music exploration.
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