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Originally Posted by Halloween_22 View Post
..I really need to get more of Clive Barkers stuff.
I vaguely remember a graphic novel (series?), Tapping The Vein, which I think were based on Clive Barker's stories from Books Of Blood.

Nowadays, my comic-book reading/ collecting is usually limited to collections or graphic novels of Marvel's revisionist superhero books, like Ultimate Avengers... Dark Avengers is another good series (stuff published in h/c or p/b by Titan). I liked some of the Civil War story-arc, but Secret Invasion epic was better, overall.

Most recently, I enjoyed House Of M and Utopia (both X-Men related).

I don't often read film tie-in comic-adaptations and only a few proper 'horror' comics (alt. world DC titles like Batman: Crimson Mist - where he's a vampire, was good), but I was a big fan of Alan Moore's Swamp Thing, and have a couple of John Constantine: Hellblazer titles.

On manga front, I think Ghost In The Shell (I also liked the movie series) is one of best SF styled comics... I enjoyed Frank Miller's Sin City books, but all-time favourite comic-book series is probably Neil Gaiman's The Sandman.

Do you comics-fans prefer the flat four-colour style of comics' artwork, or fully-painted stuff (like Alex Ross' work)?
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