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Originally Posted by broonage View Post
Damn it, I wish i had a blue ray player to get that comic!!

I have a decent collection. Anyone read Preacher? Holy crap, crazy stuff!
I collect Stephen King comics and also have a decent amount of Commandos, horror comics...

I used to buy the Beano.
You can still pick it up, you just won't be able to experience all the cool stuff on the discs. Maybe it's time to upgrade? I use my PS3 for Blu-rays these days, but players aren't that expensive.

And yeah - LOVE Preacher, Garth Ennis is possibly my favourite writer out there and a fellow Irishman. I've picked up a few King adaps over the years but the best ones for me were The Stand and Dark Tower books Marvel did.

And I used to read the Beano too!
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