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Hands down the best gig i have ever been to.

Were first i never heard of them until i found out they opening tonight. It used to be just one guy doing dark electronic music but not its a guitarist with the vocalist more of a sisters of mercy sound with heavy guitar and black metal vocals and it works beautifully.

Gaahls Wyrd
Gaahl absolutely blew me away i have always loved his voice but his range now is just mind blowing from low to hypnotic chants to black metal screams and then clear vocals amazing. His stage presence is scary he had the whole place transfixed and hypnotised. This band is a very well oiled machine when he walks around the stage the rest of the members know to move out of his way without missing a beat they just know each other so well like they are connected as one mind.

My fears about the drums were forgotten about right from the first second the mix was perfect you could hear every note of every instrument and ever word Attilla sang. The show was broken up into three parts first songs from the new album and Esoteric Warfare then the backdrop fell reveiling some church artwork and the band emerged in robes and played songs from De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas . The backdrop fell a third and final time to a red backdrop with Mayhem in black across it and it was time for songs from Deathcrush and Ordo Ad Chao. They didnt put a foot wrong tonight they absolutely blew the whole place away it was pure black metal and pure magic.
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