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Originally Posted by bleakshaun View Post
Round up some stuff I've been playing
Octopath Traveler:
A glorious retro style RPG done in the style of the Final fantasy games, beautiful.

Borderlands 3:
Its been 5 years since the last game and if I'm honest I was disappointed, the gun mechanics have changed and it does feel meatier but at the same time the alternate modes on the guns was not for me. Bring back the old ways.

Baldurs Gate 1 and 2:
Didn't feel good playing it on the console, was excited to play it but just couldn't enjoy it myself, nostalgic for me of course but if you are playing it it's better to on pc.

Silent Hill 1 to 3
Classic horror game nothing else to say about it really.

Nioh 2 beta
Seems like it's gonna be a prequel if anything which is fine. New mechanics where you can utilise Yokai powers is fun. Can't wait for this.

Not really needing to put my thoughts here utterly love this game.

Berserk and the Band of the Hawk:
A brutal musou game makes you want the Warriors series to be much more violent that what it is.

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Love silent hill games I need to replay them, think I've played them all only one that I wasn't overly keen on was no 4 the room .
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