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Doctor Who over the years: Episode quotes
The Return Of Dr. Mysterio
Young Grant: What are you doing?
The Doctor: Take a look at that picture.
(Clark Kent talking to Mrs Olsen.)
Young Grant: Okay.
The Doctor: Now this one. (Superman) Take a good, long look. It takes a moment to see it.
Young Grant: See what?
The Doctor: Superman and Clark Kent are one and the same person.
Young Grant: Are you serious?
The Doctor: Yeah. Look, I drew specs on Superman.
Young Grant: Everyone knows they're the same person.
The Doctor: Well, Lois Lane doesn't, and she's a reporter.


The Doctor: Why did they call him Spider-Man? Don't they like him?
Young Grant: He was bitten by a radioactive spider, and guess what happened?
The Doctor: Radiation poisoning, I should think.
Young Grant: No, he got special powers.
The Doctor: What, vomiting, hair loss and death? Fat lot of use


Young Grant: Who are you?
The Doctor: The Doctor.
Young Grant: Yeah, but who are you?
The Doctor: The Doctor.
Young Grant: Which one, though? There's lots of doctors.
The Doctor: The one. I'm the main one. The original. I started it. They're all based on me. Now everyone who wants to sound clever calls themselves Doctor. Bandwagon!
Young Grant: In a comic book, you know what you'd be called? Doctor Mysterio.
The Doctor: Oh, I like that. Doctor Mysterio! I'll have that


Nardole: Mister Brock? Er, Mister Brock? Mister Brock? Mister Brock.
Brock: Apparently we have one more question.
Nardole: Yes. Where is the little boys' room?
Brock: I think you'll find the restrooms to the left, on your way out.
Nardole: No, not the restrooms, the little boys' room.
Brock: If you successfully locate the restrooms, I think you'll find everything you need in there.


The Doctor: Why aren't you looking at me?
Teen Grant: I don't want to.
The Doctor: You're not looking at anyone. Are you shy now? Is that floor really interesting?
Teen Grant: I'm not shy. I just can't stop it.
The Doctor: Can't stop what?
Teen Grant: The X-ray vision.
The Doctor: Oh.
Teen Grant: I'm in hell. Naked hell. I just can't look at people.


The Doctor: Grant, this is insane. Look, I'm me, the Doctor, and even I think this is insane.


The Doctor: That's what Harmony Shoal is signalling to. Shall we pop over and have a look? Pretty sure no-one's on board.
Nardole: How do you know? Did you scan for lifeforms?
The Doctor: No. All the lights are off.
Nardole: Mmm.
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