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God Told me to - Larry Cohen criticism around religion - not great, but watchable.

Beatrice Cenci - Wow! Fulci with a "bigger" budget can show his real talents, loved this movie, even with a thick plot it's enough to keep you entertained until the end.

Caltiki - I start watching this movie maybe 3 months ago? left on my ps3 for ages and complete forgot about that (damn you streaming options!!) - it's a monster movie with nice special effects.

The Domestics - I have a soft spot for post apocalyptical movies, so if you are into this kind of movies i recommend this one, and it's not everyday someone puts Goatsnake in a soundtrack

Little Miss Sunshine - A friend of mine, was always praising this movie - a band of misfits doing a journey of 3 days to participate in a pageant contest - loved it every minute.

Cartas de Guerra - a Portuguese movie about colonial war. A nice surprise for myself - the last good Portuguese movie I watched was the short movies Papa Wrestling and Banana Mother****er

Jojo Rabbit - What a movie! the director of What we do in the shadows (I didn't enjoy this one, tbh I though was quiet boring..), but this one gets everything - laughs, a imaginary friend, drama, sarcasm, it's not easy to make fun of a subject like WW2 but hat's off - 100% recommendation on this one

Once Upon Time in Hollywood - I'm a fanboy of Tarantino - he could do a movie about a turd jumping hurdles and I still watch. that's it, don't really know what to say about this movie
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