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Ex CIA agent Kathy Gallagher is in Indonesia trying to track down arms dealer Ludvig Hauptman the man who murdered her husband on their wedding day. Kathy finds him in a night club surrounded by his goons but she decides against any revenge until he has less men around him but she is captured beaten and brutalised by Ludvigs men and dumped on a quite road at the edge of the jungle. She is rescued by a kid and his mute grandfather who nurses her back to health and trains her in the way of the dragon so she can repay the scumbags that left her for dead and stole her husband from her.

Lady Dragon gets off to a flying start with Kathy kicking ass right off the bath but then it slows down with some really dragged out montage scenes during her recovery in the jungle but for the final 30 minutes it's all action again high speed chases stunts crazy crashes betrayal and some good fight scenes. The dialogue is really really bad .......

You,re dead and paybacks a bitch , nothing very very good or very very bad lasts very very long amongst the highlights

Not the best but not the worst but during some of the fights the camera work is terrible panning around object blocking the view or going too close stopping you seeing the whole thing.

Decent but quite flawed.

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