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Tracy Pride is an FBI agent working in Hong Kong with her partner Dragon but she is dragged back to her hometown in the states to take down big banker Jason Slade for extortion and murder. Tracy teams up with her sister Joyce who is also trained in high level martial arts.

The acting is hilarious and the dialogue is equally hilarious. The fight scenes are fast paced and there are plenty of them but they are very short and very very random. The have more of a feel of the old chinese early shaw brothers films more like a dance than a fight but i really enjoy the beauty and skill of that style. Slade himself is great as the film goes on he starts to act crazier and crazier starting off as a yuppy banker type and morphing into a roided up maniac and he has all the worst lines in the film all to himself too. Then we have Jake Armstrong the poundland Eddie Murphy i had to look up IMDb to see was it actually him the guy was wearing massive shades for most of the film it was hard to make him out but he looks like his twin [emoji38]

Sadly Cynthia Rockroth isn't in this one much seems like they just used her name to flog the film. As usual when she is in it she has some great fight scenes but Donna Jason who plays her sister is actually skilled enough to carry the film alone.

Overall very entertaining lots of fighting the plot twists are a bit all over the place at times but i'm only here for bad acting and ass kicking.

It's between this and undefeatable as my fave rothrock film

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